Convict Jack

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Jack Dorrington was caught thieving and sentenced, with his mum, to 7 years transportation to New South Wales. Young readers will like the story of Jack’s experiences and adventures on a voyage across to the other side of the world. Young lads who had never ventured outside of the teeming city were exposed to grosser details of seasickness, burial at sea and even the slave ship sighted in port.

The incidents range from rat-catching to the humour of  being scrubbed clean  to the  squashed sleeping quarters  providing a sense of the real challenges on-board and the resilience of Jack. The stormy scenes and the basic food are offset by the growing relationship between the boys  and the gruff crew. 

This book is one of the few examples of writing which provides a view of the forgotten ‘convicts’ in those years of transportation from England to New South Wales, that is the children.

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