Direct and Indirect Quotes

A quote can be defined as a ‘something that has been said by someone else’. In non-fiction writing, quotes must not be fabricated.

There are two main types of quotes that you can use within text, ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’. A direct quote relays the words of someone who spoke directly to you. An indirect quote relays the words of someone who spoke to another person, apart from you.

Direct Example

During half time I spoke with team manager David Jenkins. ‘Tommy is a good coach’ Jenkins said. ‘He can be blunt, but he seems to have a terrific rapport with the players.’

In this case you are quoting the team manager who spoke directly to you about the team coach.

Indirect Example

When addressing the team at half time, Coach Tommy Jenkins yelled ‘You can’t win the game if you don’t have your eye on the ball.’

In this case your quote is based on your observation of the coach’s address to the team rather than on your direct conversation with the coach.

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