Changing Mood

Click on the buttons below to view pieces of writing. In each piece the
same situation is written about but
by changing language, rhythm and style
the mood conveyed is very different.

The crash of the rolling waves provided a welcome distraction from
my preoccupations. Each white cap that slowly dissipated against
the glazed surface took my mind off the frustration, while each
retreating rip dragged my thoughts away from revenge, and towards
a blissful state of ignorance.

I can remember sitting in this exact spot once many years ago,
drunk beyond the point of comprehension with a couple of old friends.
Things were so very different back then. Nothing worried us – we
had no concerns for mortgages or job security, or any other such
things that my grandmother used to call ‘the ways of the world’.
We only cared for hedonism; the greatest tragedy that could have
befallen us that year would have been running out of cheap wine.

But then again, perhaps it was that very wine that kept us blissfully,
naively unaware of the so-called ‘ways’ that Gran warned me about
– the same ‘ways’ that eventually led to my current dilemma.

The problem with living in a society such as ours is that, deep
down, nobody gives a toss about anybody outside their family or
friendship circle. Come to think of it, I sometimes doubt whether
anybody even gives a toss about those inside their circle – such
is our apparent selfishness in times of grief, loss or sorrow.

My particular situation involved what my grandmother (damn, she
was wise) used to call ‘fair-weather friends’. You know – those
people who seem to always be around…except when you really need