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Manuscript Assessment 

IS105-047Is your manuscript ready for publication? Can you read what you have written dispassionately, identifying the flaws in your plot, your characterization or the structure of the story you are telling? If the answer is NO, and it is for most writers, then an assessment by a professional assessor would be of great benefit to you and may be the difference between acceptance and rejection of your manuscript.

A manuscript assessor will read you manuscript closely, identifying strengths and weaknesses in the story you are telling and the way you have told it.

In a detailed report which can accompany your manuscript when you submit to the publisher of your choice, the assessor will provide a frank appraisal of the writing and offer suggestions as to how it can be brought to a publishable standard.

Manuscript assessors are not editors. They look at the overall product and make their recommendations, one of which may be to engage an editor.

In this process the editor is primarily concerned with the written word, sentence structure and punctuation. If grammar is a weakness for you, then copy-editing will improve your manuscript immeasurably.

The editor in this process is looking at the way in which words and sentences are being used to convey meaning. The writer is often too close to the story being told to be able to identify areas where meaning is blurred, or emphasis is lost, by weaknesses in the construction of the prose. While the structural editor will mark grammatical errors, it is not his or her prime purpose. The strength of the narrative is the main concern.

Eureka House can arrange a manuscript assessment for you. We can also recommend a structural editor who can give you a quote on the work to be undertaken.

Our prices are as follows:

Category Max Length Price
Short Manuscript 6.000 words $180.00
Children/Youth 50,000 words $295.00
Poetry Collection 3,000 lines $425.00
Fiction or Non-Fiction 80,000 words $395.00
Fiction or Non-Fiction 90,000 words $405.00
Fiction or Non-Fiction 100,000 words $475.00
Fiction or Non-Fiction 120,000 words $500.00